About us


Advanced medical technologіes, professionalism combined with timely service delivery and an individual approach to each patient is the philosophy of Salutas.

The focus is always on the person. We take care about your health.

Qualified physicians

Our experienced physicians and nurses will help you to overcome the disease!

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Services 24/7

We are ready to help you at a time convenient for you.

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Reasonable services

The advantage of our medical centre is that we provide a full range of the most common medical services…

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Fair prices

They say that the increase in the cost of services in many health care facilities is due to inflation, but this is not entirely true …

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Get to know our physicians!

Our experienced and skilled team of physicians and practice nurses will help you defeat any disease! Their combined experience is able to solve successfully the most difficult issues!

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Why you can trust your health to the physicians of SALUTAS Medical Center:

  1. We employ professionals – so you will get the highest level of medical care.
  2. We value your time, so by making an appointment, your doctor will see you at the time chosen by you.
  3. Responsibility – we do not assign multiple, often unnecessary examinations/tests, so you will receive a detailed justification of the purpose of each assigned examination/test.
  4. Multifunctionality – thanks to physicians of different specialties who work at the center, you don’t have to spend extra time looking for a doctor. You can get advice from a related specialist within the centre.
  5. Here you will receive a check for payment for the services you have got, which is a document certifying the responsibility of our institution for the services provided to you.
  6. We are open to our patients, so all necessary information about physicians, the range of services at the centre and their cost are available on the centre’s website (https://salutas.com.ua/prices/). We also have a permanent system of discounts.
  7. Safety above all – the junior medical staff at the centre undergoes special trainings on the rules of cleaning the premises and the use of special disinfectants to maintain cleanliness in the centre.
  8. International Collaboration – Salutas Medical Center, through well-established contacts with various healthcare institutions outside Ukraine, provides, if necessary, referrals for treatment in European clinics.