Internal diseases (Therapy)

Feeling anxious, worried about your health, make an appointment with an internist – a primary care physician who will comprehensively assess the activity of your body, skillfully and in a timely manner carry out the necessary medical and diagnostic measures. In addition to consulting an internist, if necessary, you can consult physicians of other specialties.


Specialty ‘Internal diseases” (Therapy) is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the internal organs.

An internist and a family doctor are the first links on the patient's path to recovery. An internist has knowledge and skills in such fields of medicine as: pathology of the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urinary, endocrine systems. It is the internist who can determine the required amount of laboratory tests and instrumental examinations at the first visit, the need for consultation with other specialists.

How does a consultation with an internist at Salutas Medical Center take place?

  • • a conversation with the patient, during which the doctor asks the patient about his complaints which led the patient to the doctor, the patient’s case and medical history. All these give the possibility to the doctor to reveal dynamics of the disease and determine the probable cause of it;
  • • medical examination, palpation, percussion and auscultation, determination of hemodynamic parameters (pulse, heart rate, blood pressure), body height and weight measurements;
  • • administration of the necessary laboratory tests and / or instrumental methods of examination, referral to other specialists;;
  • • interpretation of examination results and appointment of treatment;
  • • if necessary, second medical examination for monitoring the effectiveness of treatment and dynamics of patient's health.

When should you consult an internist?

  • • fatigue, decreased efficiency, feeling of general weakness;
  • • frequent headaches, dizziness;
  • • prolonged cough;
  • • prolonged increase of body temperature;
  • • abdominal pain, indigestion in the form of stool disorders, excessive bloating, nausea, vomiting, intolerance to certain foods;
  • • chest pain and pain in the extremities;
  • • shortness of breath, feeling of a lack of air;
  • • urinary incontinence, edema, discoloration of urine, discomfort when urinating.

Priority areas of an internist’s work at Salutas Medical Center:

  • • preventive examinations;
  • • treatment of diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive systems;
  • • diseases of the kidneys and urinary system;
  • • medical support;
  • • diagnosis and treatment of psychosomatic conditions in the practice of an internist;
  • • consultation on breastfeeding;
  • • consultation on immunoprophylaxis of infectious diseases (vaccination).

The experience of an internist will not only save patient time and money but sometimes also save life. Be responsible for your own health, do not neglect preventive examinations and choose the right doctor.

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