General Practice − Family Medicine

Although the concept of family medicine is somewhat new to us, its importance in the primary care is difficult to overestimate. It provides long-term care for the health of the person and all members of his family, regardless of the nature of the disease, the state of organs and systems of the body in all periods of human life.


A general practitioner or family doctor is a physician who provides primary health care to people of all ages and genders.

A family doctor is the first person to whom the patient seeks medical care. The family doctor also deals with prevention of infectious diseases, i.e. vaccination. Within the competence of the family doctor is the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases, referral to physicians of other specialties, medical checkups and follow ups of patients.


After the patient has signed the declaration with the family doctor, the latter carries out his medical supervision. When a patient is under the supervision of the same family doctor for several years, the doctor knows best the life story of his patient, the peculiarities of the growth and development of his children. At Salutas Medical Center you can sign a declaration with your family doctor, who will accompany you and your family on all health matters.

The priority areas of work of a family doctor at the Salutas Medical Center are:

  • • respiratory diseases;
  • • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • • diseases of the digestive system and hepatobiliary system;
  • • diseases of the urinary system;
  • • viral diseases (SARS, influenza, intestinal pathology of infectious origin);
  • • allergic conditions;
  • • maintaining a rehabilitation period with monitoring the dynamics of the condition in patients after surgery, heart attack, stroke, injury, etc;
  • • examination before vaccination, its implementation, follow-up of the patient after vaccination.

If you feel discomfort, pain, malaise or other symptoms that prevent you from living and working properly, and you do not know which specialist you need to see, the right decision would be to make an appointment with a family doctor. Your family doctor will listen carefully to you, examine you, prescribe the necessary examinations or refer you to a specialist who is needed in your case. Choose the right medical institution, the right doctor and stay healthy!

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