Oncological surgery

This is a modern tumor surgery, which is a part of a comprehensive oncological care for patients. Modern treatment of tumors consists of the following stages: surgical removal of the tumor; irradiation of adjacent areas on a linear accelerator; chemotherapy to combat micrometastases and radiosurgery of large metastases. Thus, the accuracy of preparation for surgery and management of the patient in the postoperative period depends on the professional consultation of the oncologist.


Oncosurgery is a branch of medicine that treats cancer through surgery. Oncosurgery is a part of a set of measures to combat cancer, along with chemotherapy and variable therapy.

The Salutas Medical Center has implemented the European model of surgical care, namely one-day surgery. The treatment of tumors includes:

  • • Surgical removal of the tumor;
  • • irradiation of adjacent areas on a linear accelerator;
  • • chemotherapy using the reduction of micrometastases;
  • • radiosurgery of the largest metastases.

In our medical center we offer the following types of treatment of neoplastic processes:

  • • Removal of benign and malignant neoplasms of the skin, subcutaneous fat, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, bone tissue. Removal is performed both in the traditional way and by the method of electroexcision, cryodestruction.
  • • Breast surgeries.
  • • Removal of small tumors of the pharynx and oral cavity.
  • • Other types of surgical interventions.

A mandatory component of oncosurgery is the removal of material from the lesion for histological examination, so the doctor performs various types of diagnostics to collect the material. Such as deep and superficial biopsy of soft tissues, lymph nodes, ENT organs, blood vessels, joints, internal organs, including biopsies under the control of ultrasound.

Signs and symptoms that should alert and require consultation with an oncologist:

  1. The appearance of any tumors on the skin, changes in color, shape, relief of moles / warts, damage of a mole, its bleeding.
  2. The appearance of pigment spots that cause suspicion (blurred edges, the appearance of several colors in the area of the spot, the appearance of vascular pulsation, etc.).
  3. Palpation of enlarged lymph nodes and / or seals on the body, including in the mammary glands.
  4. Unmotivated weight loss, frequent fevers, prolonged dysfunction of a particular organ.
  5. Feeling of discomfort in a certain area (throat, abdomen, chest), manifested by a feeling of itching, coughing, squeezing, pressure.
  6. The appearance of pathological secretions from the rectum, vagina.

Cancer is a disease that can be cured if it is detected in time. Annual preventive examinations are mandatory and recommended by the WHO. This recommendation is especially relevant for people at risk.

The risk group includes:

  • • persons whose close relatives have been diagnosed with cancer of any location;
  • • persons who have hazardous working conditions associated with harmful fumes, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Physycians of the Salutas Medical Center have formulated some simple tips that can help you to improve your health, namely:

  • • eat the most organic food with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • • drink quality natural water;
  • • optimize your time of work and rest with a night sleep at least 8 hours;
  • • avoid long stay in direct sunlight; apply sunscreen remedies with SPF 50;
  • • limit the use of household chemicals as much as possible, use personal protective equipment - gloves, masks, respirators, etc., ventilate premises;
  • • control body weight, the ideal indicator of weight is height in centimeters minus 100 (for example, at a height of 175 cm, body weight should not exceed 75 kg);
  • • undergo annual preventive medical examinations;
  • • if you suspect cancer, consult a specialist immediately.

Take care of yourself; your health is in your hands.

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