It happened! Finally, you yourself or your loved ones have convinced you that you need the help of a mental health professional. An important step in this direction is to choose a person to whom you can entrust your problem. You also need to understand that mental illness can start as a result of other different functional disorders of your body, so the examination should be comprehensive. Qualified specialists of our clinic will help you with this.


Psychiatry is a branch of medicine that studies the etiology, course and methods of preventing mental disorders. The most important task of psychiatry is to promote the mental health of the population.

The society has formed a stereotypical opinion that seeking help from a psychiatrist is shameful, because no one wants to consider themselves mentally ill. But this statement is wrong, because in developed countries of Europe and the America, consultation with a psychiatrist is commonplace, on a par with consultation with an internist or a family doctor.

Why in post-Soviet countries, in particular in Ukraine, people who want to seek help from a psychiatrist, experience some discomfort and public condemnation?

Historically, at a time when psychiatry was developing as a separate branch of medicine in the West, because there was always a need for psychiatrists, the situation in our country was somewhat different. In the Soviet Union, psychiatry was seen only as a punitive measure, meaning that people who were considered dangerous to society or people who needed to be isolated were sent either to prisons or to psychiatric clinics. After a stay in a psychiatric hospital, a person completely lost social adaptation and could not become a full member of society. Such people, for example, could not get a job.

If you look at the post-wars history, periods after natural disasters, pandemics or any problems in the world on a global scale, you will see that the quantity of mental disorders at that time increases. Therefore, at present, the specialty of a psychiatrist is relevant and in demand.

Not only people with obvious mental disorders seek the advice of a psychiatrist. patients of psychiatrists are often prominent public figures, show business stars, scientists, big business executives and ordinary people who have experienced certain life difficulties or overcome complicated life circumstances.

Currently, psychiatry is developing rapidly as a science and a clinical discipline. Every year, funds are allocated for the development of psychiatry, new treatments are developed, and modern drugs and tools are tested to help people in need.

So, you should seek help from a psychiatrist at the Salutas Medical Center when there are:

  • • feeling of depression, lack of joy of life, sense of chronic fatigue, apathy and anxiety;
  • • deterioration of mood after stress / difficult life circumstances;
  • • a disease that is marked by a psycho-emotional disorders, lack of faith in recovery and trust in the physician;
  • • the presence of a certain type of addiction (alcohol, gambling, food, drugs, tobacco);
  • • pathological phobias, obsessions, paranoid states.

Each of us wants to be healthy both physically and mentally and to enjoy life. But life is unpredictable, sometimes there are life circumstances that are difficult to cope alone, as a result of which a person locks himself in, there is melancholy, apathy, depression, loss of interest in life. All this can be prevented if you admit in time that you can’t cope, and need the help of a specialist.

Be observant and responsible for your mental health.

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