A branch of medicine that deals with surgical methods of treating diseases of organs and systems. A visit to the surgeon is recommended in a case of an acute disease, chronic diseases and in the postoperative period. If you suspect that you have any disease that requires surgery, when you suffer from chronic pain or the consequences of injuries, be sure to see a doctor. It is very important for surgical pathology to start treatment as early as possible. Take care of your health and do not delay a visit to the physycian.


Surgery is a branch of medicine that deals with radical methods of treating the disease by performing surgery.

A surgeon is a physician-specialist who treats patients when therapeutic measures are not effective, or if the pathology cannot be treated with the help of pharmaceuticals. The surgeon not only performs the surgery, but he is also responsible for preparing the patient for surgery and management of the postoperative period.

Surgery is a mandatory method of treatment for correction of appearance defects or defects of internal organs.

Before performing a surgery, a surgeon ought to verify the feasibility of the operation and to identify possible contraindications to the operative procedure. Therefore, before an operation, a surgeon examines a patient, carefully studies case and life histories, evaluates the patient's current condition and the results of his laboratory and instrumental tests. If necessary, the patient is referred for additional examinations and / or consultation to other relevant specialists. Only If there are indications for surgery, the date for it will be set. Before the operation, the surgeon acquaints the patient with the features, duration of surgery and explains its possible risks. The patient signs all the necessary documents and receives recommendations on the rules of conduct during the intervention and in the postoperative period.

Areas of activity of surgeons at Salutas Medical Center

  • • removal of benign and malignant soft tissue formations;
  • • plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery;
  • • surgery for ingrown nails or other pathology of the hand and foot;
  • • excision of keloid scars and tissues;
  • • hernias of different localizations;
  • • varicose veins;
  • • diabetic foot syndrome;
  • • outpatient surgical care (including emergency), consultation with a surgeon at home;
  • • puncture biopsy of soft tissues;
  • • surgical dressing.

The advantage of Salutas Medical Center is that it is a multidisciplinary and multifunctional medical center which provides a comprehensive approach to the treatment process. If necessary, the patient can do all the necessary examinations and tests without leaving the premises of the center. If a patient needs a consultation of a physician of other specialties, such as abn internist, cardiologist, gastroenterologist or endocrinologist, this can also be provided at the medical center.

Of course, surgery is not a very pleasant procedure, but it is sometimes the only sensible way to obtain health. Contact the Salutas Medical Center, we will be happy to help you.

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