The process of taking material for the study must be clearly justified and the result should be evaluated by a physician-specialist. By self-prescribing a test or analysis, you not only waste your personal time and money, but also deprive yourself of the opportunity to diagnose the disease in time, which is sometimes crucial. The physicians of our clinic don’t prescribe unnecessary examinations and tests, because our priority is to take care of the patient and his emotional and physical health.


Diagnosis is a mandatory component of patient management and treatment. It usually includes laboratory tests and instrumental examinations.

Giving samples for carrying out analyses is the first step in the determination of the health status of the person who wants to know what his health is or find the reason of its deterioration.


It is generally recommended to take tests on an empty stomach in the morning, except in urgent cases when time of day and eating are not so important. It is recommended not to take medication or smoke cigarettes 1-2 hours before the tests; it is allowed to drink still water. 12 hours before the scheduled test, it is recommended not to drink alcohol, eat fatty and too sweet food. There are a number of tests that require specific preparation, so the details should be clarified with a doctor, a nurse or a medical center administrator. All these preparation measures are necessary before passing the tests to ensure the reliability of their results and minimize their error.


Deciphering should be done exclusively by your physician. You don’t need to search for information on the Internet and self-diagnose or even self-medicate, it can lead to disappointing consequences. After processing the tests by the laboratory, the results will be sent on your e-mail address, and you will be invited for another consultation with the relevant specialist.

At the Salutas Medical Center you can pass a complete list of laboratory tests, which are crucial for correct diagnosis and, accordingly, effective treatment of the disease. Thanks to the multidisciplinary and multifunctional nature of the medical center, you have the opportunity to pass tests and consult a related specialist without leaving the boundaries of the medical center.


  • • complete blood count;
  • • urinalysis;
  • • blood sugar, if necessary glycosylated hemoglobin;
  • • biochemical parameters (total protein, creatinine, urea, liver tests, bilirubin, etc.);
  • • lipid profile (cholesterol).

At first glance, taking tests at a time when nothing is bothering you and when there are no obvious signs of the disease is not entirely justified and appropriate, but it is crucial in preventing and detecting the disease at an early stage. Prevention of the disease requires much less time and money than its treatment.

Let's be rational in allocating our time and finances.

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