A branch of medicine that deals with the preparation of the patient for surgery, anesthesia and management of vital functions of the body during surgery. Every patient who is scheduled for surgery has to consult an anesthesiologist.


Anesthesiology is a branch of medicine that studies the methods of local and general anesthesia with the help of pharmaceuticals. Also, anesthesiology studies the control of body functions before, during and after a surgery.

Thanks to the development of modern science, including medicine, today there is a large list of drugs that have a clearly defined dosage and duration of exposure on the body, i.e. the action occurs only during the intervention, limiting the effects of drugs on the body with minimizing their side effects.

The anesthesiologist is responsible not only for effective anesthesia during surgery, but also for maintaining the proper functioning of the body after surgery. Therefore, it is so important to choose the institution in which the surgical intervention is planned.

Functions of the anesthesiologist:

  • • preoperative consultation with the interpretation of laboratory and instrumental indicators, determination of indications and contraindications to surgery, appointment, if necessary, additional examinations or consultations of related specialists;
  • • choosing of the method, type of anesthesia and its implementation;
  • • monitoring of the patient's condition before, during and after the operation;
  • • treatment of postoperative pain syndrome;
  • • anesthesiologist provides complete information to the patient regarding the duration of anesthesia, its possible risks and complications; upon receipt of the information, the patient gives informed consent to the intervention.

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