The section of surgery, which deals with planning and performing of surgical treatment of the brain, spine, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. This requires an integrated, comprehensive approach to the diagnosis and treatment of such patients with the involvement of related specialists such as neurologist, cardiologist, and internist.


Neurosurgery is a branch of medicine that covers neurology and surgery and treats diseases of the nervous system through surgery. A neurosurgeon treats pathology of the spine, brain and spinal cord and peripheral nervous system. Physicians of the Salutas Medical Center are convinced that only a comprehensive approach to treatment with the involvement of related specialists is a guarantee of success in the treatment of a patient. The neurosurgeon works closely with family doctors, internists and neurologists. If necessary, our patients have the opportunity to pass all the necessary laboratory tests without leaving the center. If necessary, the required type of surgery is prescribed by a neurosurgeon after a detailed diagnosis.


  • • after referral from another specialist, who suspected neurological pathology during the examination;
  • • history of head or spine injuries, which are accompanied by relevant symptoms;
  • • suspected brain or spinal cord tumors;
  • • pain in the lumbar spine, radiating to the lower extremities;
  • • prolonged headaches that are not relieved by conservative treatment prescribed by a neurologist;
  • • prolonged pain in the cervical spine, radiating to the upper extremities;
  • • paresthesias and increasing weakness in the lower extremities;
  • • frequent unexplained dizziness, loss of consciousness, impaired vision, loss of visual fields, loss of coordination, etc.;
  • • intervertebral hernia.


After a preliminary appointment, the neurosurgeon will be waiting for you at the specified hour. The physician will carefully examine you, ask about your life and case history, and carefully analyze your complaints. The neurosurgeon will also review the results of all examinations and tests in detail, if any, and prescribe additional examinations if necessary. Only with this approach it is possible to diagnose correctly and prescribe the proper treatment.

Areas of work of the neurosurgeon at the Salutas Medical Center.

  • • spinal neurosurgery and neuroorthopedics;
  • • degenerative diseases of the spine (herniated discs, spinal canal stenosis, listhesis);
  • • tumors of the spinal cord and spine;
  • • injuries of the central and peripheral nervous system;
  • • diseases of the peripheral nervous system (neurocompression syndromes);
  • • diagnostic procedures for examining the central nervous system;
  • • a wide range of blockages in the spinal cord, spine, craniovertabral joint;
  • • surgical interventions in the spine and brain;
  • • lumbar puncture.

Don’t be afraid of the stereotypical opinion that a surgeon is always an operation, because it is far from true. The purpose of the Salutas Medical Center is to help the patient and choose an individual treatment scheme which is optimal in his case.

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